How do I wash my hijab so it will stay as new for longer?

Just follow these simple steps and advise on how to care about your hijab so it will stay in its good condition for longer.
Please note that with every wash your hijab may lose it primary look, but by following these simple steps you will minimise this loss a lot.


  • No hot water
  • No washing machine (even delicate wash may damage the fabric)
  • Never soak
  • Don't mix colours and printed scarves
  • Don't bleach or hard detergents
  • Don't squeeze strongly
  • Don't dry on heating or sun, no dryers


  • Only wash in cold/lukewarm water
  • Only hand wash
  • Wash quickly so colour won't bleed
  • Wash every colour separate and every printed scarf separate
  • Only soap or washing powder
  • Lightly squeeze
  • Dry it outdoors if possible, away from sun or indoors away from heating